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Video Technical Term


MPEG-1: A non-professional compression standard, it is widely used, suits in VHS image.


MPEG-2: Telecast broadcasting compression standard.


MPEG player: MPEG-1 format player, it can compress MPG and MPA files.


MPG: A file format that based on MPEG-1 compression standard. It can include image and audio, or only image files.


NTSC: A international color telecast broadcast standard. It is 30fps/s, widely used in north America, Japan and south America, etc.


PAL: A color telecast broadcast standard on 50HZ AC power. It is 25fps/s, widely used in UK, Middle East, Europe and Africa.


PCI: A decompression card, also decompression tank in PC.


SIF: NTSC pixels 350*288, PAL pixels 352*288. MPEG-1 format support SIF size.


QSIF: 25% of SIF, MPEG-1 support QSIF.


Source Video: Original image before editing and compression.


Source Video Device: Equipment for playing non-digital image.


S-video: Brightness and Chroma separated image. Its quality is higher than complex image.


Transition: Conversion from one paster to another paster in one image.


Video CD format: A format only available in MPEG.


Visual Component: The visible part of the image.


WAV: Voice signal file.