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CCTV Equipment Basics


Currently commonly used camera CCTV system can be divided into the CCD series camera and CMOS Series pipe inspections.


With the development of electronic technology, COMS Series cameras because of its low sensitivity, resolution and poor reason has been gradually phased out. Following example will CCD series camera introduced various camera functions.


What is a CCD series camera?


The camera sensor parts CCD, it has a high sensitivity, small distortion, long life, anti-vibration, anti-magnetic field, small size blur, CCD is short for charge coupled device (Charge Couple Device), it is able to the light into electric charge can be a charge storage and transfer, the stored charge can also be removed so that a voltage is changed, so is the ideal imaging element.


The CCD working principle is: the subject is reflected light, to propagate to the lens is focused by the lens to the CCD chip and the CCD according to the intensity of light accumulate charge corresponding to periodically discharge to generate the electrical signal represents a picture, After filtering, amplification processing, a standard composite video signal is output through the output terminal of the camera. Standard video signal the same household VCR, VCD players, home video output of the automotive inspection camera is the same, so it can be video or received on a TV.