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General Specification Explains


What is Low Illumination?

Answer: Low illumination is a measured value for lights sensitization. In another words, while the camera can work in the lowest light conditions, this light value is the Low illumination.


What F 2.0 f 3.4 indicates?

Answer: F means lens aperture, f means lens focus, so f 3.4 means focus 3.4mm.


What the difference between CMOS and CCD?

Answer: CCD’s light sensitive strength is 10X more than CMOS. As in people can see object under 1Lux condition, CCD sensitive can reach 0.1~3Lux, much lower than CMOS.


What is Ex-View camera?

Answer: Ex-View is Sony proprietary technology, it is for improving CCD sensitivity, one is visible light, and another is fourfold infrared wavelength.


What is super WDR?

Answer: While in high light condition, super WDR can restore true color in image.