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Classification Of Camera Housing/ Bracket


The housing is in order to ensure good working environment supporting device camera and lens, in which it will both contain. The bracket is fixed PTZ camera housings installed parts. The general mode is installed on the bracket PTZ, then with or without the protective cover of the camera is fixed in the head.


1. Bracket


The ordinary bracket short, long, straight, curved to choose different models, depending on the requirements. Outdoor bracket consider whether the load capacity is desired, and then there is the installation location, the material production stent plastic, metal, chrome-plated, die-casting. A variety of stent use different environment and different structures, mainly in the following types:


(1) a ceiling top group bracket, having one end fixed to the ceiling, on the other end can adjust the direction of the inclination of the spherical rotary head or adjustable platform, so that the camera aligned with a different orientation. Straight tube cylindrical and T-shaped points.


(2) the wall mounting bracket, one end fixed to the wall, the vertical plane for mounting a camera or PTZ camera system, the portable video bore cope can be fixed directly on the stent can also be fixed to the holder of the spherical The rotary joint or adjustable tilting platform.


(3) Wall bracket plus installation even board may constitute a corner bracket, corner bracket plus the cylindrical install even board can be mounted in a cylindrical rod.


2. Camera Housings


One of the most commonly used devices in the shield is in the monitoring system, mainly divided in both indoor and outdoor. The indoor guard the main difference is the volume size, the shape is beautiful, surface treatment eligibility. The main function is dust-proof, vandal.


The outdoor shield some better sealing performance to ensure that rain water can not enter inside the protective cover erosion camera. Some outdoor protective cover also comes with an exhaust fan, heating plate, wiper.


The selection of the camera housings, first to be inclusive plus the use of the camera lens, and leave the appropriate surplus space, followed by the type of protective cover suitable is selected according to the use environment