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The Introduction of CCTV Monitor


After the image forming operation principle of the image signal is input Monitor, Monitor must be given this composite signal (comp. Site signal) isolated and decoded. Mainly separated R, G, B three primary color signals and H (horizontal) and V (vertical) two sync signals. R, G, and B three primary color signals through decoding and enlarged in order to promote the CRT cathode (cathode), the release of the electron beam. This electron beam after Mask (screen) crash fluorescent (phosphor), and produce bright spot. H (horizontal) and V (vertical) and two synchronization signal, respectively, after the enlargement processing so that the Monitor deflection coil generates a scan current, the current generated by the magnetic drive to the running direction of the electron beam. Such a tie is the image we see the screen!


Classification of the Display:


1, Luminous type


(1). CRT(Cathode Ray Tube)


(2). VFD(Vacuum Fluorescent Display)


(3). LED(Light Emitter Display)


(4). PDP(Plasma Display Panel)


(5). EL(Electro Luminescent)


2, Non-luminous type


(1). LCD(Liquid Crystal Display)


(2). ECD(Electro Chromic Chemical Display)


(3). EPID(Electrophoresis Indication Display)