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Imaging sensitivity and reference environment


1.Imaging sensitivity:


Usually use the lowest environmental illumination requirements to show that camera sensitivity, the sensitivity of the B/W camera is about 0.02 0.5 Lux (Lux), color video camera in 1 Lux above 0.1 Lux used for general surveillance occasions. In the night or weak light use, recommended 0.02 Lux camera. And work together with the near infrared lamp, also must use low illumination camera. In addition the sensitivity of camera related to lens, 0.97 Lux/F0.75 equivalent to 2.5 Lux/F1.2 equivalent to 3.4 Lux/F1.


2.Reference environment illumination:


Summer sunshine 100000 lux cloudy outside 10000 lux


Television studio 1000 lux from 60w desk lamp 60cm desktop 300 lux


Indoor fluorescent lamp 100 lux dusk indoor 10 lux


20cm in candle 10-15 Lux night street lamp 0.1 Lux