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Thermal Imaging

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  • NVT-9900

    Remotely Multispectral Thermal Imaging Detection,Outdoor Heavy Pan&Tilt All-in-one Network Camera

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Model No.



Remotely Multispectral Thermal Imaging Detection Outdoor Heavy Pan&Tilt All-in-one Network Camera

Camera Module


Sony High Performance CMOS

Camera Module

25x,45x Optical Zoom Camera Module Optional

Focal Length

Depends on Camera Module


Full HD/1080P or 4K Ultra HD

Frame Rate


Min. illumination

Color:0.002Lux @(F1.5,AGC ON), ICR ON  B/W:0.0001 Lux @(F1.5,AGC ON), ICR OFF



Day/Night Mode



Digital DNR

Focus Model

Auto Focus AF, ZF (Zoom Trigger AF), Manual Focus(MF)


Electronic Defog

4A Auto Control

Auto White Balance, Auto Gain Control, Auto Exposure, Auto Iris Correction (AWB/AGC/AE/AIC)





Thermal Module


Un-cooled Vanadium Oxide Detector


336x256、640x512 Optional

Pixel Pitch


Spectral Range




Focal Length

80mm、90mm、100mm、125mm、150mm Optional

Color Palette

White hot ,Black hot, Iron Red and other Thermal Imaging Pseudo-color optional

Detection Range

Detect car:≤10Km , Detect human: ≤4Km

Recognize car: ≤3Km, Recognize human: ≤1Km

Identify car: ≤1.5Km , Identify human: ≤500m

(* human: 1.8m*0.5m, car: 1.4m*4m, the detection distance is depends on the lens)


Video Compression

H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG

Audio Compression

G.711(ALAW)/MP2 /G.711(MULAN)

Max. Resolution

Visible Light:Full HD/1080P(1920x1080 or UHD/4K(3840x2160);Thermal Imaging:1.3MP(1280x960)

Image Effects

Rotation, Mirror and Self-defined Image Mode


Multiple Zone Smart OSD, Support Multi-line Characters, Font Size, Color, Location can be Customized

3D Position Control

Draw the Areas Through by Mouse, Auto Focus to CFOV


Laser Power

Select 15W、20W、25W

Laser Wavelength



 Depends on the Laser, Max to 5Km

Angle Control

Laser and Camera zoom times are match, 0.1°accurate

Preset Synchronization



Horizontal Range

360°Continuous Rotation

Horizontal Speed

Horizontal Keyboard Control:0°~12°/s

Vertical Range


Vertical Speed

Vertical Keyboard Control:0°~8°/s



Preset Stop Accuracy


Preset Cruise

8 Cruise Groups(Support to Add 32 Presets for Each Group)

Pattern Scan

8 self-learning path, with speed memory, each path can be recorded for 10 minutes

Two Points Scan

4 Paths, Available to Set the Position and Speed of Scanning

3360° Scan

1 Path, Available to Set the Speed of Rotation

Horizontal/Vertical Scan

4 Paths, Available to Set Independently the Speed of Rotation

Azimuth Angle


Power off Memory




Remotely Restart

Support Camera/PTZ 

Intelligent Functions

Fire Detection


Temperature Anomaly Alarm

High/Low Temperature

Intelligent Tracking

Fire Tracking, Event Tracking, Panoramic Tracking

Intelligent Detection

Intelligent motion detection, sensor linkage, area intrusion detection, cross-border detection, entry area detection, exit area detection, etc



Intelligent Encoding

Support Low Code Rate, Low Delay Adaptive Encoding

ROI Dynamic ROI

Dynamic ROI Setting, Support to Set Fixed Area or Dynamic Tracking Separately

Intelligent Alarm

Network Disconnection Detection, IP Conflict Detection, SD Card Storage  Detection, Storage Space Detection

Timing Cruise

Timing Invoke Preset, Pattern Scan Path, Preset Cruise Grouped

Watch Function

Support,It can Return to the Specified Preset Point After the Specified idle State time, Support preset, Track, Horizontal Scan

3D Position


Long Focus Speed Limit

PTZ Rotation Speed is depend on the Optical Zoom Adjustment, Limit the speed rate of PTZ control when the Lens zoom to Long Focus


One Key to Restore Factory Settings, Anti-flicker, Triple code Stream, Heartbeat ,Image Rotation, Privacy Mask, Watermark, Access setting





ONVIF, GB/T 28181

Security Mode

Password  Protection, Multilevel users access

User Maintenance

Remote Maintenance can be Achieved Through Network Remote Upgrade

Log Management

Support Log Management, Provides Operational Logs, Alarm Logs, The Records of Wrong Log and Query

API Integration

Support micro SDHC/SDXC、TF off line storage(optional), Video Clip and Snapshot(optional), Platform support events recording ,second intelligent retrieval and Analysis .


Communication Port

1个RJ45 10M/100MSelf - adaptive Ethernet port, dual - channel fusion single IP output

Video Output

1.0V[p-p] / 75Ω,BNC头

Audio Input

1CH Line Audio Input

Audio Output

1CH Audio Output, Resistance: 600Ω

Alarm Input

1CH ( 4CH Input Optional)

Alarm Output

1CH (8CH Input Optional)

Storage Port

Built-in Micro SD Slot, Support Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC


Working Temperature


Environment Humidity

<90%RH (No Condensation)

Static/Surge Protection

TVS6000V Lightning Protection and Surge Protection, Comply with GB/T17626.5 Standard

PTZ Protection Level


Power Supply



Normal Operation≤130W


Pan&Tilt:L344 x W284 x H380,Cover:Depends on Customized


Approximate 50Kg, depends on the optional



According to the selection of customized protective cover, coating, waterproof and other protective spraying

Camera Module

A Variety of Super Focal Length Visible Camera Module Optional

Thermal Imaging Lens

A Variety of Thermal Imaging Detection Lens Optional

● HD image resolution: full real-time 1080P high-resolution visible light image and 960P resolution thermal imaging image are provided. The built-in gamma compensation, color enhancement and digital detail enhancement (DDE) engine provides excellent HD video images and fine image detail.

●  Multi-spectral all-weather imaging: visible light, infrared thermal imaging detection and laser light supplement are integrated to adapt to a variety of adverse weather conditions. At night, all black, low light, low contrast, direct sunlight, shrub and jungle areas, severe rain, snow, smoke and haze weather environment can be effective imaging. It provides real-time visual assessment and visual alarm recognition, fire detection, area invasion, target tracking and alarm, and provides all-weather motion detection and clear and transparent moving images.

●  Remote detection and target discovery: 42x/45x/55x/65x ultra-long-focus visible light HD movement, 80mm ~ 210mm infrared thermal image detection lens. Integrated with advanced synchronous automatic zoom and fast focusing algorithms, it can detect vehicles, moving objects or people within a 5km range. Integrated long focus speed limit function, automatically limit the control speed of the head and adjust the Angle of the fill light.

●  Intelligent temperature sensing warning: remote non-contact temperature sensing warning, real-time detection and detection of hidden targets. Thermal image detection based on behavior analysis and recognition supports intelligent detection and warning of over temperature, differential temperature, pyrotechnical identification, over boundary detection, area intrusion and ship detection. Support synchronous linkage of radar and visible light cameras to improve the accuracy of intelligent alarm.

●  Intelligent tracking: after the target is detected by thermal imaging, the linked cloud platform can automatically track the target through thermal imaging or visible image.

●  High precision PTZ: high precision stepper motor, providing multiple high precision preset position and self-learning trajectory, using full digital control, can be arbitrary rapid positioning and continuous tracking scan, to achieve full range, no blind spot monitoring, support self-locking.

●  Stable and reliable: integrated alloy die-casting shell, original new high-strength anti-earthquake and anti-strong wind structure, increase the service life of the product, improve the stability of long-term use. Equipped with sunshade, windshield wiper and heating dehumidifier system, keep lens clean and provide clear image at any time.

Protection grade: fully sealed design, the whole three anti-spraying treatment including stainless steel screws, joints, leads and other related accessories to meet the three anti-(moisture, mildew, salt spray) requirements. Constant temperature, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-surge function, protection grade IP66.

Rich interface: power supply, network, CVBS, alarm input and output, audio input and output, memory card slot and RS485 line control, optional.

Rich compatibility and supporting facilities: this camera product can provide Onvif, GB/T 28181 protocol compatibility, can provide SDK development kit and CMS management platform system.